God of Shadows


Teer is a Sleen Destroyer Who Exists Partially Out Of Phase.

Teer was raised as a Sleen slave in The Nightland serving as a traveling merchant’s personal servant and errand boy. One night, fed-up with the beatings and torture associated with slavery in the Nightland, Teer broke free of his chains and ran off to join the Reconciliation who he had revered due to their power and influence…

Teer’s skills in daggers and experience with torture made him a shoe-in as a reconciliator in the Assassin’s division. Empress Nulumriel eventually took notice of Teer’s skills and enrolled him in a rigorous training regiment to further polish his abilities. After years of training, Teer was provided a squad of assassins to do the Empress’s evil bidding. As he continued to impress Nulumriel with his feats and cruelty, she had him rewarded with a slave of his own…

Owning a slave brought up mixed emotions in Teer. Although ruthless in his role as a top assassin, slavery always made Teer twitch at the thought of it. He learned after a little that the slave’s name was Zhar, Zhar was Sleen like Teer, and grew to be Teer’s only confidant. Teer couldn’t bring himself to treat Zhar as he had been treated in his early days, so Zhar assumed the role of servant and only friend.

One fated day in the city-state of Corso, Teer made a discovery that changed his fate forever. He was on a solo mission to clear out some Adherents discovered worshiping in hiding. As usual, Teer made quick work of the enemy and began clearing out the tomes and documents of the old gods that the Adherents were using for worship. As Teer reached for one of the last Tome’s on a bookshelf in a hidden area, memories of a life that wasn’t his rushed into his head. He stumbled backwards with the shock of the new thoughts in his head and took a moment to recoup himself. When he got up to investigate the tome further, only ashes remained in its place…

Teer, uncertain of the experience and the memories that were slowly becoming more clear, he returned home. He told no one of the events that transpired in Corso, except Zhar. Zhar, being totally unfamiliar with the old gods, only knew to remain loyal to Teer and his duty. Later in the evening on the day of Teer’s return, he freed his only friend and confidant. Teer urged Zhar to discover his own path as he continued on his.

Teer hasn’t been seen in the Nightland since….


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