Goddess of the Forge


Artemissa is one of those rare beings who survived the Fall. Not a full god at the time, she saw the effect the Fall had on her father Trumoren, the former god of the forge, who went mad and began to smash his tools and creations. The seraphs he had created tried to stop him, and the ensuing battle saw them all dead. As she grew, Artemissa swore she would not inherit her father’s role, or his madness, and she bore a deep hatred for seraphs. Finally, the new gods found her in Iron City and convinced her to rejoin the pantheon.

As Goddess of the Forge, Artemissa exhorts her followers to:

  • Create with their own hands, whatever your creation might be.
  • Teach others to create and craft as well, and pass down the secrets of your art.
  • Build to last, and make sure what you craft will outlive you at least.


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